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Long and fruitful musical relationship. Cuba and the United States. First exchange

Louis Moreau Gottschalk and Manuel Saumell

This month marks the 143 anniversary of the death of Manuel Saumell, important Cuban composer and pianist, the Father of cuban quadrilles.Louis Moreau Gottshalk, who died in Rio de Janeiro, was one of the most important American musicians of his time and a pioneer in America in the use and mix of popular music in classical music.They had met in 1854 in Havana, on the first trip of the three that were made to Cuba, to seal a friendship that led to the first documented musical exchange between the music of both countries.A mid-nineteenth century Havana and New Orleans were the cities of greater cultural exchange and trade in the area. Their sugar industries were very connected to each other and Gottschalk, who had just arrived from his European training full of recommendations to the authorities of the island, made ​​his entrance to a city that boasted of receiving the best shows coming out of European borders.

Within days he met the most importa…

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